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City high-flyer Amy has crashed and burned. Fresh out of rehab and with her career in tatters, the sudden death of an old friend propels her into an illicit undercover fraud investigation.

But Amy’s in way over her head. The assignment quickly turns sour, pitching her into a nightmare where no one can be trusted and nothing is what it seems. 

In mortal danger, and with enemies old and new conspiring against her, Amy’s resilience is tested to the limit as she strives to defeat them and rebuild her life.

My Thoughts

Exposure is the sequel to the psychological thriller, Concealment, which I adored when I read it last year. The sequel picks up not long after the dramatic conclusion to Concealment with one of my favourite female protagonists who is affectionately, yet appropriately, dubbed ‘Crazy Amy.’

Amy isn’t doing so well after her life as she knew it completely disintegrated over the course of Concealment. She doesn’t even have a chance to complete a half-hearted stint in rehab before she is plunged into the depths of another deadly mystery in the corporate world she is no longer part of.

I don’t want to give too more away because Exposure is so full of twists and turns except that I couldn’t put this book down. This is a perfect fast paced thriller and I can’t wait to read about what Crazy Amy gets up to next!

Rose Edmunds has also written several short stories about the Crazy Amy world which you can read at http://roseedmunds.co.uk/. These provide an excellent background and extra character development to the Crazy Amy world!


Title: Exposure (Crazy Amy #2)

Author: Rose Edmunds

ISBN: 1544001002 (ISBN13: 9781544001005)

Published: March 17th 2017 by Mainsail Books

Genre: Thriller

Source: Author

My Rating: 5/5 Stars


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Book Review: Concealment by Rose Edmunds

Title: Concealment concealment

Author: Rose Edmunds

ISBN13: 9781508630692

Published: March 26th by Rose Edmunds

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Pages: 340

Source: I received my copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5/5 stars


Amy is at the top of her game as a finance professional despite a traumatic childhood. But the higher she climbs, the greater her fear of falling.
Her new boss Ed sniffs out insecurity like a shark smelling blood. He’s trashed dozens of careers on a whim and has Amy lined up as his next victim.
When a young colleague is murdered, Amy’s fragile equilibrium is shattered. A client’s fraud may be linked to the killing, but no one seems to care.
Caught in a tangle of business and personal connections, and fighting for her sanity, can Amy find the moral courage to uncover the truth?

My Thoughts:

‘Concealment’ is brilliant thriller set in the cut-throat world of high finance. Now I can often find tax and finance to be fairly dull subjects but even though there was quite a bit of talk about taxes and such those parts were done in a way that I wasn’t even tempted to nod off at all. Definitely a sign of top quality writing and an interesting story line!

There are so many twists and turns throughout the course of the novel that I don’t want to get into too much detail of the plot. The lead character, Amy, is struggling to survive in her role as a finance professional. She had a terrible childhood and for a lot of the novel it is difficult to decide if she is going crazy or there really is a murderous conspiracy going on. Her slimy boss, Ed Smithies, is the perfect baddie and the rest of her friends, family, and co-workers don’t seem to be much better.

I really enjoyed the fast-pace of  ‘Concealment’ as well as the interesting characters and intriguing plot. There was plenty of mystery and it really did keep me guessing until the very end.