Book Review: Out of the Light of Darkness by Edward M Donnnelly

Title: Out of the Light of Darkness   out of the Light of Darkness

Author: Edward M Donnnelly

Published: March 27th 13 by Createspace

ISBN: 1467901539

Genre: Short Stories

Pages: 138

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Out of the Light of Darkness is a compelling collection of short stories that deal with ephemeral moments, unforgettable relationships, and death. The longest story, a novella, tells the story of a teen trying to understand and find good in his father. Readers will be pulled into the story as they see Matty struggle to see light in a man who is shrouded by darkness.

My Thoughts:

Out of the Light of Darkness by E M Donnelly is a collection of short stories about life, ephemeral moments, relationships and death.

The longest short story is also titled Out of the Light of Darkness and is a short glimpse into 17 year old Matty’s life and his relationships with his alcoholic father, long suffering mother, sullen sister, trouble-making best friend and his girlfriend, Laura who is always trying to lighten him up a little. I really enjoyed this story, it is quite dark, but also raw and the character’s were very authentic.

The shorter stories were almost dream like. It felt like I just happened to turn up at specific moments and the author chose to reveal a brief snapshot in time. Just the right amount of detail and imagery, but left plenty to the imagination.

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