Book Review: In Ark: A Promise of Survival by Lisa Devaney

Title: In Ark: A Promise of Survival (Mya and Ark) in ark

Author: Lisa Devaney


Published:   April 4th 2014 by Lisa Devaney Publishing

Genre:  Cli Fi, Climate Change Fiction

Pages: 190

Source: I received my copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4/5 stars


In the year 2044, Mya Brand lives in New York City and pursues her passion—trying to digitally save the life story of every human on the planet before climate change makes Earth un-liveable. Recovering from a failed marriage, she stays laser-focused on her mission. With support from her actress best friend and bartender buddy, she is rebuilding her life and trying to heal her hard shell.

Fraught with daily hardships of survival in the face of climate change, she struggles to obtain food, maintain resources and protect her delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun. With little funding for her digital archiving project, she struggles to keep her dreams going, but wonders how much more she could accomplish if she had more resources.

Then, one day she is abducted by an eco-survivalist community— Ark— that promises to make her dreams come true.

Finally able to focus on her mission, she begins to thrive in her new, sheltered, life. Gone are the hardships she faced from the outside world and climate change. Gone are her money struggles.

But Ark proves not to be the utopia she expects.

My Thoughts:

“In Ark: A Promise of Survival” is set in New York in the not too distant future. Mya Brand is struggling to get funding so that she continue her life mission to digitally save the life story of every human on earth because she fears that many wont survive ‘the change’. The entire planet is struggling to cope with climate change and by 2044 when the story is set people are already being forced to wear heat protective clothing every time they step outside and eat artificial food. Life is pretty grim for Mya and her friends until she is kidnapped by an eco-survivalist community called Ark. Ark seems to provide everything that Mya needs at first, real food, protection from ‘the change’ and the technology that she needs to complete her digital project but eventually she begins to realise that things aren’t all as they seem in Ark.

This was my very first Cli Fi (Climate Fiction) novel and I found it a really interesting concept. It made me wonder what would happen if the weather did become as extreme as it was in “In Ark”. I definitely would not be keen to eat artificial food all of the time, that’s for sure! I also thought the idea of digitally saving the life story of every human being on the planet an interesting idea. Maybe I should go through and delete all of those awful drunky photos from my 20s from my Facebook just in case!!

“In Ark: A Promise of Survival” was very well written and Lisa Devaney has written about climate change in both a factual way as well as exploring in-depth the day to day effects that climate change could have on ordinary people. I will be looking out for the sequel.