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Self-Publishing Talk is dedicated to discussion of the self-publishing industry. Digitization and Convergence have had an enormous impact on the entertainment industries, but most of the academic research is focused on the television, film, and gaming industries. As an avid reader, book blogger, and student of Internet Communications, I would like to talk about some of the ways that the production, distribution, and consumption of books are changing and the current state of the self-publishing industry. If you are interested in reading more self-published novels but aren’t sure where to start, you may find something that tickles your fancy over on my main blog page.

Update: 06/11/15 I have edited and re-posted this post as a standard blog post.
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12 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Talk

  1. It’s time more people woke up to the fact that great books are being self-published. It’s not a ‘last resort’ any more, but a means for an author to retain complete control and to fulfill all their needs for self expression.

    Thank you for giving more voice to it!

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  2. The indie publishing world is fabulously supportive. It is also a long way from ‘vanity press’ now. Yes, there are still some people who will self-publish books because they think it will make them a fast buck, and who therefore churn out novels with little plot, and no spellcheck, but the vast majority are incredibly talented, hard-working, professional people. The fact that indie authors are sitting on so many best-seller lists now, alongside traditionally published authors, goes to show what a wonderful job they are doing. Long may it continue!

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  3. Thank you for supporting indie authors! As a newcomer in the self-publishing world, I find that it is great community to be involved in. On a more analytical note, I think the rise in self-published authors ties in to the turbulent economy we live in. Job security and jobs in general are scarce; self-publishing provides degrees of direction, accomplishment, control that are no longer guaranteed in traditional professional routes.


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