Review Policy

I’m taking a break from accepting new novels for review so that I can concentrate on my studies and make a dint in my ever growing TBR pile!

I rate the books that I read  based on a 5 star system. All reviews are entirely my opinion which will differ from what others may think. I don’t have any training in book reviewing, I am merely an avid reader.

I’m not interested in trashing books or authors so you will mostly only read reviews of books that I have rated 3 stars or higher. Anything lower than that and I probably won’t finish reading anyway. Life is too short to spend it reading and reviewing books that you don’t enjoy!

5 stars = I loved this book! The writing, characters and plot were close to flawless and I probably stayed up all night to finish it in one sitting. I couldn’t imagine anyone not liking it at all.

4 stars = I really liked this book. Everyone who likes this genre will probably like this book and some people who don’t usually read this genre will probably enjoy it too.

3 stars = This book was pretty good. There were parts I enjoyed but some that I thought could have been improved. Readers of this genre will probably enjoy this book.

2 stars = Probably means there are spelling, grammar or formatting issues or I just found it boring or unbelievable.

1 star = Awful. Multiple errors, bad everything. There is no way I would be able to finish reading a 1 star book.



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