Review Policy

I am open to review request via the CONTACT ME form, but please note that I am not able to respond to each request individually. Please take the time to have a look at the some of the books I’ve reviewed previously to make sure that your book could be a good fit for me first and note that book bloggers receive a lot of review requests, I live in Australia and prefer to read physical books when possible. 

I rate the books that I read  based on a 5 star system. All reviews are entirely my opinion which will differ from what others may think.

I’m not interested in trashing books or authors so you will only post reviews of books that I have rated 3 stars or higher. Anything lower than that and I probably won’t finish reading anyway. Life is too short to spend it reading and reviewing books that you don’t enjoy!

5 stars = I loved this book! The writing, characters and plot were close to flawless and I probably stayed up all night to finish it in one sitting. I couldn’t imagine anyone not liking it at all.

4 stars = I really liked this book. Everyone who likes this genre will probably like this book and some people who don’t usually read this genre will probably enjoy it too.

3 stars = This book was pretty good. There were parts I enjoyed but some that I thought could have been improved. Readers of this genre will probably enjoy this book.

2 stars = Probably means there are spelling, grammar or formatting issues or I just found it boring or unbelievable.

1 star = Awful. Multiple errors, bad everything. There is no way I would be able to finish reading a 1 star book.

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