Words and Phrases That I Just Can’t Stand

Disgusted Baby
Disgusted Baby Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stockerre/4887622204/

Over the past few years I’ve come to to realise that I suffer from a severe case a word aversion, or logomisia if you want to be fancy. Logomisia is described as “strong dislike for a particular word (or type of word) based on its sound, meaning, usage, and/or associations.”

Here a few words and phrases that for some unknown reason I just can’t stand:

Moist: I think most people would agree with me on this one, it just sounds and is yuck.

Ointment: I think it’s because it sounds a bit like moist and also, no one wants to have to be putting ointment on themselves. It smells, it’s sticky and it means you’ve probably hurt yourself or have a skin condition.

Top Up: I don’t know why either, but say it out loud. See, it sounds weird right?

Ladle: It’s a serving spoon ok!

Touted: Every newbie and wannabe sports journalist in Australia loves this word. I think they think it makes them sound smarter, but no, it’s just annoying.

Mums and bubs: Another overused term here that makes me see red. Mother and child/baby sounds so much more appropriate and respectful to me.

Tot/Tiny Tot: Again, I think this just sounds like we’re trivialising children. They’re people, not pets!

Guesstimate: Guess and estimate mean pretty much the same things so you don’t need to squish them both together!

Amazeballs: I don’t think this needs any further explanation

Totes: If you ever try and tell me that something is “Totes Amazeballs” I don’t think it would be fair to hold me accountable for my actions.

This is just a very small selection of words and phrases that I just can’t stand, but there are definitely many more out there. If you can stand to type them out, let me know if you have any words or phrases that you just can’t stand!

48 thoughts on “Words and Phrases That I Just Can’t Stand

  1. To me, a ladle is the instrument with which one dispenses soup. A serving spoon is for everything else =P
    I hate tiny tot too! Or when anyone adds “kin” to something “bubbakins” etc. I do it to take the piss, but if you’re serious, get out.
    I seriously can’t stand bae, I personally, youse, H pronounced as “HAYCH”… oooh and when people say “I could care less”- that means you care!
    There’s this shop called “Baby Bunting” and I loathe it. Don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. So many American store names do as well!
    Great idea for a post! =D

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      • I’m so, so happy it’s not just me!
        I think money gets you into trouble… much easier to steal. Then you put pressure on people who can’t afford to give a lot- I can’t afford to give a lot of money, but I find a really nice gift on sale from Victoria’s Basement that’s worth quite a bit. I think more thought goes into it that way πŸ™‚
        I went to my cousin’s kitchen tea and she started opening the gifts up then and there, it felt like a kid’s birthday party :/ people were silently judging the cheap presents, it was awkward as. I thought it was about celebrating her marriage, not who can buy the most impressive gift. Then the bloody stupid party games ughhh!

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      • People are strange, I much prefer gifts that have been thought about and even if it’s not something I would have chosen I always appreciate the thought. Baby shower games are the worst! The last one I went to I wound up winning 3 games somehow. Yay for me, I really needed a big baby bottle full of marshmellows!


  2. Ha!! That’s great! πŸ˜‰ For me it’s not so much the specific words that drive me crazy, it’s the way some people pick at things. If something is amazing, or a person is very talented, there is no reason to go searching for something bad to say about it or them. Why do some people feel like they just *have* to criticize all the time?

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  3. I am reading employment ads – and avoid applying for any job that has…

    Thinking outside the box,

    A can-do attitude,

    An iconic Australian employer,

    A progressive company which embraces employee empowering strategies,


    Forward thinking transparent management with a flat heirarchy!

    Ummm… yeah – naaah πŸ˜‰

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  4. Riiiiiighttttt – sometimes I say ‘totes amazeballs’ on purpose because it’s so awful, but I SO know what you mean and will try not to! I am TOTALLY with you on Guesstimate and Top Up, and moist is just…. rude!!!! And a bit cringey!!!

    I hate: any advance on entrepreneur – mediapreneur, mompreneur – vom!!!!!! I hate Lol, and yay, and ‘do a happy dance’ and people calling their kids ‘the munchkin’, and calling each other ‘pumpkin’. Oh, I could go on…..!

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  5. Brilliant – it’s made me think of some words that I can’t stand. I sense a post coming on…I also hate the overused phrases such as “in all honesty” “you know” and “at the end of the day”…bleuch!

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  6. Thanks for following my blog! I really enjoyed this post – some of the words I didn’t recognize but I agreed with your assessment of most of them. And yet..I prefer ointment to salve, a word that gives me the shivers, especially when it is used to describe baby food!

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