January Reads Roundup

I’m terribly late with this post, but I hope you can forgive me for being a little bit absent minded for the next month or so. I’m heading into the last few weeks of this semester at uni, so things are about to get even more crazier here for the next few weeks while I’m madly writing essays and studying for exams. This semester has been my most difficult one so far, mostly because it ran right over Christmas. Christmas and uni don’t go together very well I’m afraid, but at least I’ve managed to hold in there and get everything handed in on time so far.

The first book review featured on Scatterbooker this much was actually by the lovely Ms. Brooke. She reviewed erotic novel, Explicit Instruction by Scarlett Finn. Thanks again Brooke for such a great review!explicitinstruction Then, the lovely Australian author, Margaret Lynette Sharp joined us to answer a few questions.

Next up, I reviewed Amnesia by Peter Carey, which is a contemporary thriller with an added bonus (for me) of being set in my home town of Melbourne. Amnesia CoverI was awarded the One Lovely Blog Award by Marjorie from https://kyrosmagica.wordpress.com/ !!!

My next review was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Unusual Children, a young adult, paranormal fantasy novel by Ransom Riggs.peregrine

Then I decided to share some rambling thoughts on Feminism in Wuthering Heights. Sorry Catherine, you’ll always be my fav, even though Isabella was more of a Feminist than you!

It was my birthday!                                                                                  

I reviewed Australian contemporary romance novel,  Of Love and Secrets by Margaret Lynette Sharp.

Of Love and Secrets cover
Of Love and Secrets

And then my favourite January read which was Kings and Queens by Terry Tyler. A novel about a modern day Henry VIII and his wives!kingsandqueens

I revealed the cover for The Black Swan Inheritance by Marigold Deidre Dicer, which is free on smashwords until the 6th of February https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/497280

The Black Swan InheritanceI reviewed and compared the Gone Girl novel and movie. I liked the novel by Gillian Flynn better, but some of you thought it might be better to watch the movie before reading the novel.

Gone Girl Book Cover

Margaret Lynette Sharp shared her review of Indulge: Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy by Jenny Schwartz.

Indulge: Sensual Tales of Steampunk and Fantasy Cover

And then I finished up with a big rant about Colleen McCullough’s awful obituary in The Australian. Twice! Sorry guys, I don’t usually rant much, I promise.Thank you so much for restoring my faith in humanity with so many lovely and supportive comments though.

I still have a few more books to go on my previous reading list, and I’ll update and add a few more in the next few days that will be coming up soon on Scatterbooker.

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